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Torah’s First Tea Party April 19, 2010

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This past Friday we headed over to our neighbor’s house for a tea party. It was lots of fun and Torah had a blast! It pretty much ended up that the kids just ran around and played while the adults ate and chatted 🙂 That afternoon, Torah went to store with us to pick out what kind of cupcakes she wanted to take to Maggie’s house. She ended up picking out funfetti and wanted purple and blue icing with pink sprinkles 🙂 So of course, we made those specific ones! She loved help making them, however wanted to eat the batter, then wanted to test a cupcake after they were iced 🙂 She didn’t quite get that we had to wait until that evening to eat them! Anyway, it was a great time and there were 5 girls there and they all had a ton of fun. I can I just tell you how great it was to just walk out our front door, 2 houses down and we were there! Love it!! Here are a few pics from the evening.

lots of dress up was involved!

Racing to the tree and back!

singing silly songs

ended the evening with Mary Poppins

Not everyone could fit on the floor, so the other half took the bed!


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  1. MaMaw Says:

    So cute!!

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